Importance of Accurate Data Collection

The US Postal Service (USPS) provides residents a service that let’s you know if a package is being shipped to you, where it is in its travels, and finally when it gets to the destination. It’s a wonderful service.

Yesterday I received the following texts from USPS:

My packages were “left with individual” however I was in the office and not at home. How strange is that?

I texted my wife asking her if she is expecting any packages. She told me the only thing she’s expecting are our passports. I thought of the possible reasons why the mail would be registered this way:

  • A stranger was at our front door when the mail person delivered
  • The building manager was there to receive the mail
  • Maybe the packages were stuffed in our mailbox but the mail person registered the type of delivery incorrectly (data input error)

Running the scenarios through my head I rushed home from the office to make sure nothing weird was happening.

When I got home I checked our mailbox and sure enough two envelope packages that are tracked was there. Sure enough it was what we were expecting.

Thank goodness that the packages were there.

Although there were two packages, there was one more action of due diligence I had to make. Are these packages in my hand the same ones USPS has reported to me as delivered to a person? Let me check the tracking numbers.

Yes, the tracking numbers were good. No funny business happened.

I spent a good amount of time trying to make sure nothing weird happened. This is why it’s so important to enter data correctly. The mail person may not have known it or intended to send the wrong message to me but it created a whole lot of activity to confirm that I wasn’t a victim of identity theft.


Belated gong hay fat choy. Came across this pair of lucky dogs wandering the streets of SF last week during Chinese New Years.

I noticed something recently regarding my blog. I can write whatever I want, however I want. But people are clicking because of the kind of photos I post (shouts out to social media automation). Looking at my website’s traffic data, people like food or nature.

Having mostly original content, you’re not going to find my exact perspective anywhere else. So I’m glad you come to see my food/nature pictures. I’m appreciative of those who end up reading the rest of the article and start a conversation.

Enjoy this self reflection while I’m traveling. Catch up with y’all soon.