For the busy professional who would love to save massive amounts of time, Dean’s Solutions is the workflow specialist that can help you automate administrative tasks and turn hours of work into just a few minutes.

Based out of Honolulu, HI, we serve both Hawaii and the US West Coast with clients ranging from accounting firms, retail chains, manufacturers to non-profits. We provide solutions to the following challenges:

      • Professionals struggling with technology
      • Knowledge Transfer between seasoned employees and highly skilled recruits
    • And internal departments working in silos


DeanAnthony Ramos has 20 years of experience in information technology with a passion for learning how things work. A graduate of San Jose State University and a member in the Gary Sbona Honors Program, Dean consistently provides solutions that save time and make the most out of available resources.

Meet the Owner

Aloha, I’m DeanAnthony of Dean’s Solutions. Having a deep and wide understanding of business processes, I am consistently learning and applying principles for the last 20 years. I am very flexible and offer options to solve problems based on available resources. I think about not only short term results but how the decision can positively affect your company in the long run.

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Why Work With Me

“He’s a key asset during the more painful moments of change because he doesn’t shy from the dirty work in the trenches.” – Layne Y., IT Director

“I was impressed with DeanAnthony’s ability to dig in to uncover and understand what was the best decision for our company.” – Gina C., Lead Manager at HouseMart Ben Franklin Crafts

He has a great attention for detail and working through multiple layers to get to the source of a problem.” – Barry S., IT Support

“Without his technical expertise, we would not have such a successful and measurable Wellness Campaign.”Jerome B., Senior Performance and Learning Specialist

“DeanAnthony has a unique combination of highly technical skills and exceptional creativity”David B., Executive Director at Not-For-Profit Organization

“He worked tirelessly to learn every aspect of processes.”Gwen B., Project Planning & Management Specialist at Toyota/GM

“Very competent and he puts in time and effort in all his work.”Kevin H., Senior Software Engineer

“Dean and his technical and creative talents always impress. I would recommend him instantly.”Vivian B., Adjunct Professor at De Anza College