PowerPoint & The Office

I was browsing social media the other day and I was reminded of the Office episode where Ryan, the intern, became an executive and started requiring all the branches to adapt to technology.

They weren’t ready.

The future wasn’t ready.

Staff wasn’t ready and clearly, Michael Scott, Manager of the Scranton Branch was not ready.

Ryan Howard is a young, ambitious person trying to change how business operates. This is a clear example of a disconnect between people who have great ideas and the actual stakeholders. In this case, Ryan was suggesting that people use PowerPoint to communicate.

We can throw all the technology at a problem and give people all the training but those are only pieces of solving a challenge. The idea is there, people agree in executing but completely disregards who will be suffering from the change.

On the flipside, Michael Scott was comfortable enough in his position that he took on an extra job.

So what’s the solution to situations like this? It’s going to take getting everyone on the same page without the bias of technology and wisdom.

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