I got this amazing shot in Big Island in the middle of the night. I woke up from camping and realized the sky was at its clearest while the volcano’s heat provided a glow below the stars. Sometimes the most focus views are found at random times. (Photo by D. Ramos)

2018 is quickly approaching and I find myself in a great position to hit the ground running. Spent a lot of time networking and learning about local businesses and organizations.

Focus. That’s what I’m shaping. This isn’t the first time I started a company. Now that I know exactly what kind of value I bring to the table, I need to make it easier for my customers to select my services. Keeping that in mind, I’m excited to provide packages and a la carte services, making technological solutions as easy as ordering a hamburger.

I’m really excited to hear what you think and get a conversation started. Feel free to holler @ me directly.

Thanksgiving (Growth)

It’s been a rocky journey this year but I wouldn’t exchange it for a lesser view than this. Photo by D. Ramos

Hope everyone had a chance to spend quality time with their families on Thanksgiving. Earlier in my career, I wasn’t really too sure what I wanted to do. I was split between getting paid and trying to be a musician. Not only that, but my personal life was spread thin.

In retrospect, I appreciate all my business partners, associates, coworkers, supervisors, and mentors for being patient in my journey¬†to being who I am. Sometimes I wish I could’ve communicated more in the past rather than hold all my cards close to my chest.

Starting a consulting business this year has been challenging but fruitful on multiple levels. I’m learning about available resources, determining what I bring to the table, and gaining more experience than I can imagine. So in the spirit of the holidays, there might be more retrospective posts than usual.