First #WetWareWednesdays

Last Wednesday, I attended my first #WetWareWednesdays ( It was pretty neat to discover that there are other individuals who are pushing for innovation here in Hawaii. The event was held in the newly finished and very spacious Halau ‘Inana (sp?). I estimated about 35-50 people who were present.

The highlight of the night was Nick Wong (, a Kamehameha Schools student who identified an opportunity to provide a web based app to help his fellow classmates. Apparently, a large amount of students were using Instagram to exchange class information for each session. There was a demand for data that would identify which classes friends were sharing. I think it’s awesome someone can see opportunities like this and build a solution.

Another dope presentation was Moonshot Lab ( Stephanie and Miki touched on a very sensitive subject I’ve had with close friends and relatives regarding education (which I’ll probably cover later on). Above is a video that shows an example of how Moonshot Lab works. I’m sold. And when I have children, I really hope our education system adapts to the demands of the future. Questions? Comments? Feel free to start a discussion below.