Project Management & Graffiti

If you haven’t noticed by now, I appreciate art. Any kind of art that catches my attention. When I’m traveling, sometimes I wonder how did graffiti get on certain places. How did that artist get that done? Especially because of the location and accessibility of the canvas.

Growing up there was graffiti everywhere. Overpasses, trains, mailboxes, the bus, windows, walls, bathrooms, etc. Some are bad and some are good. And good can mean anything. I’d like to get you to think about the artistically good ones. The ones that uses so many coordinated colors and shapes. How did an artist do those murals on the side of a subway train?

My conclusion: Graffiti artists are really good at project management. They target a goal (whatever canvas they’re going to tag on), collect their supplies, execute it in his/her head when and where they’re going to get the job done, and are fully aware of scope creep (by way of monitoring security, cops, and witnesses). He/she has a very defined deliverable.

Something light after a missile scare in Hawaii. Watch out for my perspective of “pressing the wrong button” in the next couple of weeks. I really want to hash out the process behind the interface and people responsible for scaring around 1.5 million of my neighbors.

Until next time, thoughts or comments are always welcome. Let’s talk story, holler @ me.


I got this amazing shot in Big Island in the middle of the night. I woke up from camping and realized the sky was at its clearest while the volcano’s heat provided a glow below the stars. Sometimes the most focus views are found at random times. (Photo by D. Ramos)

2018 is quickly approaching and I find myself in a great position to hit the ground running. Spent a lot of time networking and learning about local businesses and organizations.

Focus. That’s what I’m shaping. This isn’t the first time I started a company. Now that I know exactly what kind of value I bring to the table, I need to make it easier for my customers to select my services. Keeping that in mind, I’m excited to provide packages and a la carte services, making technological solutions as easy as ordering a hamburger.

I’m really excited to hear what you think and get a conversation started. Feel free to holler @ me directly.