Can’t even see where the city ends. Photo by D. Ramos

Last month I took a vacation to Japan but my mind couldn’t stop enjoying and analyzing how everything is efficient. From the train stations to the restaurants, it’s amazing to be reminded what’s possible.

There’s a balance of system and culture all throughout Japan. In this photo, my wife and I are waiting our turn to take a picture with the famous torii gate at Itsukushima Shrine. Balancing tourist, locals, and even a wedding it seems like everyone has a chance to have an experience. Photo by D. Ramos

I really appreciated all the little notes and signs used to inform and make sure everyone is aware of their surroundings. Not only are people informed, but there’s some practicality to it. Check out the bar code below:

It’s all in the detail. There’s function and a little bit of fun when it comes to how bar codes are printed on this bottle of Orangina manufactured in Japan. Photo by D. Ramos

Data/Information is all around us. Its pushing for actions to be made. Take the example below:

One of the most efficient ways to order Ramen in Japan. You even get your own water to refill your cup. Photo by D. Ramos

Are you doing any summer traveling? Have you been anywhere else but the place you reside? Do you find some things done differently that you think is impossible to implement where you call home? Let’s talk story. Holler @ me.

2018 Data Governance Interest Group Hawaii Summit

Source: Gartner (October 2017)

A couple of weeks ago I checked out the 2018 Data Governance Interest Group Hawaii Summit. It was great to see that there are like minded individuals from various organizations.

Here’s a list of what I took away from the summit:

  • Data Strategy has to be in line with Business Strategy
  • Understand where an organization is in the Data Governance Maturity Model
  • Data Stewards are very important
  • Data regulations from the federal government is in the horizon (similar to the European GDPR)

First Hawaiian Bank also shared steps they took to help others embrace the concept of Data Governance:

  • Educate management through engagement
  • Focus on the message “We’re here to help you”
  • Not long after the first two steps, IT began to receive inquiries for help

I’m looking forward to continue learning with this group of folks. The future of information and data is exciting and I’m here to help.

Did you attend the Summit? What were your takeaways? Let’s talk story, holler @ me.