Design Thinking

Here is the Design Thinking framework provided by Stanford University. It is open source so anyone can use it. (

Last weekend I attended the Small Business Fair at Honolulu Community College. It was fun seeing familiar faces and also learning from others about the plethora of resources available for small businesses.

In one session, I was introduced to Design Thinking thanks to Ian from Oceanit. Basically, It’s a framework built for anyone trying to provide a solution to a problem. Perfect for entrepreneurs.

One of the key takeaways I got from the presentation was that this framework is like a martial art. The more you practice it, the better you’ll be at it. So it made me wonder. Are there groups that spar on a regular basis?

Do you or anyone you know practice Design Thinking? I’d love to connect and chat. Let’s talk story.


Best way to describe how things get communicated in Hawaii, “Coconut Wireless”. Photo by @mike.shots.

I’ve been fortunate to network with a lot of business owners and leaders in the community with ideas to address challenges. One of the things I’ve realized since starting my independent consulting business is that I am coming across a lot of organizations/individuals that do not know of each other’s existence or do not have the capacity to reach out or learn about another organization.

Living in Hawaii the last 6 years has shown me that everyone has his/her limits. We are human, of course. What I didn’t expect to learn is that we all have a natural urge to help one another. The challenge is identifying the best resources to go from Point A to Point B.

Why am I writing about this? Like a lot of my other blog posts I just want to open up the conversation. In a way this is streamlining since currently there may be limited avenues to stream information. My goal is to continue generating content, anticipating the next step. This blog is not a data warehouse but it is a way to gather these thoughts and make it available.

Keeping that in mind, the more I work with organizations, the more I would love to share what we accomplish together. I’m looking forward to not just building relationships but to highlight where we started and where we go.

Do you have ideas to help the community? Do you see dots that need to be connected? Let’s talk story and holler @ me.