A few weeks ago, the state I reside in and call home sent out a message through the phone emergency system. My wife and I were hopping in the car on January 13, 2018 around 8:07 am when she asked me, “Hey, did you get this message on your phone?”

I checked my phone and saw the missile warning trailed by “THIS IS NOT A DRILL.”

As a systems guy, I checked all other resources before panicking.

Social Media. Check.

Radio Stations. Check.

Sirens (which should’ve been the first thing). Check.

Phone call from brother-in-law mentioning that it’s on a specific channel. CHECK.

We went ahead and waited for the all clear indoors.

38 minutes of uncertainty on our islands. Some people prepared, some not, most annoyed and everyone wanted accountability.

So who to blame? I’m a firm believer of asking why until we find the root cause. Listening to SuperFlyOz he hits the nail on the head using JCI’s Active Citizen Framework. So I was inspired to prepare the following chart:


Need help prepping for worst case scenarios? Need help making sense? Let’s talk story, holler @ me.

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