One of my favorite shots I took during my adventures this year. Someone had to prep the dirt, plant the seeds, and everyone needed to have the patience to wait for the flowers to bloom. Just like building a business it takes a lot of effort and patience to see things come together. Photo by D. Ramos

This year was a roller coaster. Parted ways with my previous employer, marriage, first time visiting New Orleans & Seattle, and focusing on my business. The idea of having a consulting business has been stewing for at least 3 years. The moment that gave me the initial reaffirmation was my best man at the wedding telling me I have an innate ability to convince people to do something. Everything leading up to this point has been shaping how I would approach going where I want to go and making sure I find the people who want my help.

As the blogs continue to accumulate, journaling my adventure will start seeping into this blog. There’s only so much original technical content that I can generate. It might be more interesting to hear about interviews and conversations I’ve had that’s been shaping my business and my approach of contributing to the community. I spent the last 10 years working for other companies looking for a definitive career path only to discover that it’s in my control.

If managing information is art, I’ve accumulated enough experience to know what tools I’ll use to reach out to my audience and allow myself to seek the knowledge I lack to be relevant. This is why I decided to be an independent consultant. I’m excited to continue supporting the local community and empowering people.

Questions? Comments? Need a friend? Let’s talk story, Holler @ me.

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