Here are some tips for your small business in no particular order:

  1. Use Social Media. You should already be using social to build up your social media presence. Something as simple as posting a picture of your store getting ready for the holidays can keep your customers engaged. Don’t forget to use hashtags though to show up in feeds. If you’re not familiar with hashtags, here’s a link to help you.
  2. Cross Promote with your neighbors. Do you know the other small businesses around you? No? Build that relationship now. I’m pretty sure you want the foot traffic and if the block of businesses in your location can come together to promote to each customer base, it’s a greater impact. Get creative. If you’re selling napkins and you have a neighbor that’s selling food, wouldn’t it make sense to package a special?
  3. Customer Service. Is your staff ready to serve the customer? Before the holiday rush, it would be a good idea to brush up on customer service and make sure everyone’s mentally ready. I have stories to share but not to publish of how some retailers have failed at this.
  4. Utilize Free Resources. Since 2010, American Express has been providing free material for small business owners to utilize. Remember to have a purpose for using tools. It helps a lot when you learn what the tool is and then apply it. Expectations can differ from results so educate yourself on the free resource. I would also suggest looking into what’s available at your local Chamber of Commerce or other local organizations.
  5. Don’t Forget the Future. I can’t express this enough. This holiday of sorts is not the end all be all solution for your small business but it can help. If you’re only thinking about this now, maybe next year you can keep this event in mind and be better prepared. Don’t be scared of taking notes of what you did and how you think you can improve. There might be some techniques that you pick up that can be applied on a regular day.

If this post has got your creative juices going but need feedback, feel free to holler at me and let’s talk story.

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