A meal can look appetizing but when it comes to Spaghetti Code it isn’t. Photo by D. Ramos

I’ve been assessing a client’s FileMaker database and boy is it rough. I quickly realized I’m jumping into a bowl of Spaghetti Code. If you’re not familiar with that term, just imagine you’ve found one end of a strand of pasta but you have to find the other end in a big bowl of pasta. That’s what I’ve done and still do when troubleshooting computers and programs.

If you’re reading this you know how to use a program (on the computer or an application on your phone). When you type in www.deanssolutions.com on your web browser, you’re telling the application to go to my website. Pretty simple concept right? Well underneath the interface you’re using, there’s the application, the operating system, and then the programming code. I won’t dive further into it, but where you type your URL on a browser, that’s the beginning of the spaghetti strand and it can take a journey to find the other end.

Although, Spaghetti Code sounds like a cute name, it’s a headache for a company who is seeking to be scalable and sustainable. It also leaves the company vulnerable to losing knowledge. A lot of the thought process has a high chance of being lost in the sauce that makes the company successful. Turnover happens, instructions are lost, different individuals interpret documentation differently, and the only person who knows how it works is the programmer (callback to my previous post on Legacy Systems).

Have you faced anything like Spaghetti Code that just didn’t make sense? Need a fresh set of eyes that will give you perspective? Let’s talk story, give me a holler.

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