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The last few months I’ve been making a concentrated effort to put my career choice in perspective. I’ve attended events such as #WetWareWednesdays, PMI Luncheons, and finally the IIBA breakfast. Never had I thought I would find like minded individuals with similar paths. It really is validation for the work that I do and the efforts I’ve made to be honest & holding my integrity to provide blunt perspectives.

Some of the things that were confirmed by my peers are the following:

  • It’s important not only to provide justification based on ROI, but also emotional justification. Meaning, you need to understand your customers
  • Narratives help communicate what needs to be done
  • Simplify what you’re doing. Take away a level of detail as the audience you cater to is higher on the totem pole. Add details when you’re working directly with the people, knee deep in the field.
  • We have a duty to tell the truth but more importantly, to tell it in a language customers can understand
  • Set stakeholder expectations
  • Sometimes, a Business Analyst is just extra bandwidth for a company

When I started my journey as an independent consultant, I knew it would be something along the lines of evangelizing the thought process of a business analyst. I refined that message (thus the hamburger) and now I have complete confidence in my goals. It’s clear where I’m going and I hope y’all will join me and find value in this ride.

Questions? Suggestions? I’m all ears. Holler @ me.

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