Awesome panel with Steve Petranik, David Matlin, Lori McCarney, Peter Kim, and Matt Apana. Loved the sports analogies. All about performance and accountability. Photo Credit: Dean Ramos

What a great event to attend. Got a chance to see some familiar faces and network. Took plenty of notes and planning to apply all the knowledge shared during the day. The following are some highlights I interpreted:

Win-Win Negotiations

  • Focus on need vs. want
  • Understanding feelings and cultural differences
  • Understanding the context of what you’re negotiating

Leadership Lessons from the Hokulea

  • Trust is very important to build and it takes time
  • Mentors should help mentees along but when there’s an opportunity, get out of their way so the mentees can learn
  • Reading is not the same as being put through the challenges

Briding the Gap: Diversity is the Key Ingredient

  • When you have a diverse group in your team, it’s just the beginning of the challenges
  • Create the environments for relationships to build naturally
  • Give the opportunity for cultures to not just be around each other but to connect and share

Did you attend the Hawaii Business Leadership Conference? Want to exchange detailed notes? Let’s talk story. Holler @ me.

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