#WetWareWednesday people are really enthusiastic

I can’t believe I haven’t been involved with this group when I first moved out here. So far all the events I’ve attended had been really good vibes and lots of learning and networking. This month we were fortunate to tour DRFortress, Hawaii’s largest and only carrier-neutral data center and cloud services provider.

The lobby which includes a rather large television screen but an even larger sign

The facility itself is awesome. Since I’ve spent a lot more time collecting requirements and developing behind a computer, this is the first time I got a chance to see in person what a data center is like. Fred Rodi, President and Founder of DRFortress, gave an awesome and informative tour explaining the security, cooling, and powering of all the servers. Not only was the technical stuff talked about but we all got a chance to check out the amenities for customers.

One of the key take aways I took from him was the company’s goal is to make the marketplace for providers to compete. I thought this was very interesting. Rodi further explained if there is more competition, prices for consumers would go down. The end goal is something I personally believe is needed in Hawaii. In any case, I really enjoyed learning more about the facilities and its goals.

I really appreciate the good folks at HTDC for continuing to put on these events. I’m a little sad that there isn’t one in July but I look forward to seeing the group again in August.

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