So what does Jay Z have to do with IT? Well, I sincerely believe he was going somewhere with encouraging a person to find his/her genius level talent and what I’ve experienced as IT Support is people’s fear of IT and that we make things complicated. It seems like the IT department is trying to stop you from expressing your genius.

I discovered, however, blame cannot be solely on IT. Each person has to know his/her genius. For example, if a marketing person was to tell me, “We want you to put this message on the website” and as a webmaster I type in “this message” on the website the expectation is not the same as the result. Both the marketer and myself have to take responsibility for our inaction/action. Marketing has to be clear what gets posted otherwise I’m going to make assumptions.

That last paragraph was just a small sample but you can see how convoluted it can get. At the end of the day, both our genius has to shine. That marketing person I’m working with wants her vision on the internet. I want to program and distribute the message online in this marketing campaign. Let’s not stop each other from exercising our genius just because of assumptions. Communicate clear, define roles, and help each other be the best we can be. Be that genius.

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